The crematorium in Luxembourg conducts an average of 12 cremations per day, totaling 60 per week. To accommodate an increasing demand, the first furnace was replaced in 2018, and by the end of this year, the second furnace will also be replaced. This upgrade will enable the crematorium to increase its capacity from 60 to 75 cremations per week. The new furnaces are larger and more powerful, allowing for the cremation of individuals weighing up to 350 kilograms.

In addition to cremations, the crematorium also performs 958 scatterings and hosts 720 ceremonies. However, due to limited space, there has been a need for expansion. As a solution, an additional room will be added to accommodate ceremonies and farewells. This new room will provide flexibility and, if required, can simultaneously host a third ceremony.

The expansion project

The expansion project of the crematorium in Luxembourg involves the construction of a new building that will be connected to the existing structure via a glass volume. This connection will facilitate access to the two scattering areas, one on the ground floor and the other on level 2. Additionally, the project includes improvements to the accessibility, functionality, and modernization of the existing building. The construction is being carried out in phases, and some services may be affected due to this ongoing work.

During the construction period, alternative locations for ceremonies will be arranged, such as cemeteries and public spaces available in the municipalities of Luxembourg.

The following are the different phases of the renovation

Preparation tasks (02/2023 – 07/2023)

Tree felling (02/2023) Deadline for tree felling

Network deviation (04/2023-07/2023)

New Extension (09/2023 – 12/2024)

Site installation 09/2023

Earthworks for the pavilion, external lift and -2 (09/2023 – 10/2023)

Completion of the closed and covered construction (10/2023 – 07/2024)

Technical installations & Completion (06/2024 – 11/2024)

Planned implementation (12/2024)

Replacement of an oven (09/2023 - 07/2024)

Dismantling the old oven

Cutting and structural modifications

Installation of new oven

Modification works (04/2024 – 02/2025)

Modification of walls and compliance

Expansion of the Forensic Unit and expansion of the cold room

Replacement of the boiler