The Services

Hamm Crematorium offers the following services:


We are equipped with two crematoria which are used for the incineration of corpses. Cremation can be done no earlier than 24 hours after the death or after a funeral ceremony at the coffin.

Management of ashes

After cremation, the ashes are collected in an urn. You have a variety of options for the disposal of the ashes, such as dispersing them in our “Gardens of Remembrance”, in a place of your choice, burying them or keeping them in a funerary urn in the columbarium or the Bëschkirfent.

Since the new scattering lawn has been introduced, non-perishable objects are not allowed (candles, figurines, artificial flowers, lamp posts, decorative stones, memorial plaques, …). You may bring natural flower arrangements.


We offer funeral ceremonies for families who wish to organise a remembrance or a funeral service.

When a loved one passes away, the family has the freedom to select a funeral company of their choice. This chosen company will then coordinate with the crematorium for the transportation of the coffin. Should the family desire a ceremony at the crematorium, a specially decorated room is available for that purpose. The ceremony can be tailored to honor the wishes of the deceased or their relatives, accompanied by music of their choice (simply bring a USB stick or a CD). Additionally, the family has the option to bring flowers and the master of ceremonies themselves or request the assistance of the crematorium.

Farewell ceremony

The ceremony can be conducted with either a religious or civil approach, depending on the family’s preference. If requested, the ashes can be scattered in the serene “Gardens of Remembrance,” which are accessible to the public, much like a cemetery. This allows friends and family to visit the final resting place of their loved one whenever they wish. Alternatively, if the family opts not to scatter the ashes in the crematorium, the funeral company will take care of transporting the urn to the chosen cemetery.